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        London population continues to increase

        London population continues to increase

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          Results from the latest UK census have been published, and unsurprisingly London’s population has continued to increase over the last decade.

          Official figures reveal that the capital is now home to more than eight million people, with the number of residents up 12 per cent on 2001.

          Every UK region has seen a leap in numbers, but London has seen the fastest growth of all, reports the Evening Standard.

          The city has 850,000 more residents since the last census was done in 2001 – with many of the newcomers being economic migrants moving to the city in search of work opportunities.

          Indeed the London total is up 400,000 on the previous estimate, highlighting the rapid growth being seen in the capital.

          Tower Hamlets, which has seen a 26.6 per cent leap, was the fastest growing borough in terms of population, with Newham (23.5 per cent) next on the chart.

          Just one council in London – Kensington and Chelsea – witnessed a drop in population during the last ten years.

          According to the census, Islington is now the most densely populated part of the country with 13,873 people per square kilometre.

          With London maintaining its status as a leading economic centre, it is perhaps little surprise that the population of the city continues to increase.

          Businesses want to base themselves in the capital to take advantage of trading opportunities, and people want to live in the city to stand a chance of getting the best jobs.

          In order to accommodate an increasing number of companies, commercial property is continually coming online in the capital.

          New premises are being constructed across the city, and established through renovations, in order to create premium London office space.

          This gives businesses the opportunity to be at the centre of UK commerce and tap into what can be a highly profitable regional market.

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