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        London’s mobile workers missing out on 3G speeds

        London’s mobile workers missing out on 3G speeds

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          Much of the recent rise in the number of mobile workers can be put down to advancements in technology such as smartphones.

          It may surprise many people in light of this that London is lagging behind the rest of the UK’s top cities in terms of 3G speeds.

          London was found to have a mobile broadband download speed of 2.71Mbps, when research was carried out by uSwitch.

          When the speeds for other cities were researched it became apparent that they were much faster with Portsmouth, for example, having a 3.554Mbps speed.

          Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent, Nottingham, Bradford, York, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield and Leeds were all reported as having speeds which exceed those of the capital.

          On top of that, both Wales and Scotland’s capital cities performed better than London with 3G speeds.

          People who are involved in mobile working will attest to how important a smartphone is in the practice and fast 3G makes for more efficient staff.

          Ernest Doku, technology expert for uSwitch, said: “Despite government efforts to bring Britain into the digital age, it seems the road to seamless telecoms infrastructure is not an altogether smooth one, with consumers reporting patchy 3G coverage, and tests revealing that major UK cities, including London, are being left in the slow lane.”

          Of those interviewed for the survey, 39 per cent expressed feeling unhappy about their 3G speeds and 47 per cent said they were too slow.

          More investment is needed in mobile internet provision in order to make sure that slow speeds do not hold the UK economy back.

          Recent research suggested that by 2015 there were likely to be 1.3 billion people partaking in mobile working, making it vitally important that this country keeps up to speed.

          Otherwise countries who have good mobile internet infrastructure will outstrip the UK in the global marketplace.

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