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        Looking for an Office Romance – Head for the IT Department!

        Looking for an Office Romance – Head for the IT Department!

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          As Valentine’s Day approaches, workers looking for an office romance should head for the IT department, according to a survey from Business Environment (BE), the UK serviced offices provider.

          According to the survey, 55% of IT workers revealed that they’d had a relationship or fling with someone they worked with.  They were closely followed by 54% of marketing, advertising and PR professionals and 53% of workers in telecoms also admitted that they’d had a work based relationship.  Of the 3000 respondents, only 37% said they’d had a relationship based at work, compared with 63% who had not.

          Interestingly, graduate trainees and scientists were the least likely to have a work based relationship: 81% of graduate trainees and 74% of scientists revealed that they’d had no romantic encounters at work!

          Steve Moore, BE’s marketing manager commissioned the wide ranging survey which surveyed office workers throughout the UK and across a broad spread of industries.  He commented: “With Valentine’s Day coming up, this is a fascinating insight into the personal lives of the UK office workers. It’s certainly thrown up a few surprises and challenged the office stereotypes that we assume to be true. It was particularly interesting to see that science and technology based professions have a higher incidence of office romances; as this may not necessarily reflect many people’s assumptions!”.

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