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        Loyalty of permanent and contract staff

        Loyalty of permanent and contract staff

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          Contract staff may be just as loyal as their permanent counterparts, according to new research undertaken by Hudson.

          Despite this the study also found that many bosses think contract staff are less loyal than those on the payroll permanently.

          Employers did admit, however, that they receive higher levels of productivity from temporary staff, who are often more engaged in the tasks they perform than those who work in the office full time.

          This doesn’t seem to affect the levels of trust bosses have in loyalty from these non-permanent members of staff.

          Of the contract employees, 77 per cent claimed to have a high level of loyalty to the business or firm they are working for, despite the short lived amount of time they may work there.

          With regard to social events, contract staff are just as likely to go for a drink in the pub with fellow staff and get involved in employee activities outside of work.

          Contract staff are ten per cent more likely to take on a role which is more interesting or rewarding, but pays less than the company’s permanent staff.

          The role of a contract worker is not, however, where many people want to be as 70.9 per cent of those currently in that position said that should the right role come along they would be prepared to go permanent.

          At a time when more and more contract workers are being used to increase productivity and hit targets, they should be valued more by bosses.

          Such findings as in the Hudson report are encouraging in that non permanent workers are more loyal than they are being given credit for.

          From October 1st this year, temporary staff who are in the same job for 12 weeks obtain more rights under new Agency Worker Regulations.

          Mike Game, CEO of Hudson Europe, said: “Not only are they strongly motivated to hit the ground running from day one, they are keen to be part of the social fabric, without the hassle of office politics.”

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