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        Mac or PC: which is best for your office?

        Mac or PC: which is best for your office?

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          The quintessential tech dilemma of Macs vs PCs can make choosing technology for the office complicated. Read on for our recommendations on which brand to choose to get the best results for your business.

          Selecting technology for your office can seem like a big task, particularly when the market appears so firmly divided between Mac and PC. We look at the key differences between the two, and give some tips on which is best for your business needs.

          Probably the biggest factor to consider when purchasing technology for the office is the cost. The most powerful of the Apple tech offering, the MacBook, is quite expensive, coming in at between £1,300 and £2,000.

          modern computer with blank screen at workplace in office

          Comparatively, PCs of a similar power are priced at around £700 to £900. The cost of maintenance is roughly the same, so it is the initial outlay that you’ll likely have to base the final decision on.

          Creativity and compatibility
          Mac computers were originally designed for creative industries, and as a result, they tend to be used more by companies working heavily with imagery and design and less with traditional business applications.

          However, nowadays, Macs are compatible with most popular applications, such as the Microsoft Office suite. Syncing iPhones and other Apple-created hardware is easier than ever, meaning you can mix and match as you might need.

          Ease of use
          Mac products are well-known for their ease of use, being designed to be simple and smooth in terms of user experience. With lightweight designs and user-friendly operation, Macs are a good choice for offices looking to quickly train a workforce and get operations up and running rapidly.

          However, many people may only be familiar with PCs, and getting used to the differences between the systems can be a bit of a challenge at first. PCs are more common, come in a huge variety of types and brands, and can be configured in a myriad of ways to best suit your business’s needs.

          A common concern for businesses is whether their technology is secure. Making sure that your business’s sensitive documents and items, as well as those of your clients, are secure, is more important than ever as cyber attacks get more and more sophisticated.

          Currently, Macs have fewer virus problems than PCs, because it makes more sense for cyber criminals to spread viruses and hack more widely used technology. However, as the popularity of MacBooks continues to increase, the chances of issues cropping up for Mac products are likely to increase as well.

          Brand perception
          Given the relative similarity of both types of product, in the end, the main decision is about perception. Your business may be seen as being up-to-date and image-focused by using Macs in a creative industry, but as being too “gimmicky” for a more conservative industry. A PC might be seen as a traditional staple for some established businesses, but be perceived as being old-hat and out of date for a newer start-up, for example.

          Perception, though possibly the least important of the considerations for new technology, is still a vital part of a business’s reputation.



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