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        Majority of Irish workers are skipping their lunch break

        Majority of Irish workers are skipping their lunch break

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          Unlike the rest of the UK who are participating in widely publicised activities such as going to the gym in their lunch breaks, many workers in Ireland are missing out on theirs.

          A recent study by Peninsular Ireland found that 63 per cent of our nearest neighbours are working through their lunch breaks.

          On top of this they are not receiving any extra pay or time off in lieu for doing such, which means they are putting in the extra hours for free.

          Those office workers are eating their lunch at their desks and not getting any fresh air or exercise during the day.

          What is more is that this is in stark contrast the number reported to be doing so back in 2010 when it stood at 37 per cent.

          58 per cent said that the cause of this was the fact that they simply had too much work to do and could not get it all done during the course of the working day without missing their lunch break.

          Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, said: “Employees should ensure they take an hour lunch break so they are energised to tackle their afternoon deadlines.”

          Workers are making the decision to do this extra work at lunch as opposed to having it into their leisure time or having to stay late.

          Employers should be encouraging their staff to take their lunch breaks are they help them to be more efficient in the long run and is better for the physical and mental health of the employee.

          Mr Price said: “If employees continue to work through their break this will eventually be counterproductive, as it will only lead to higher stress levels and employees suffering more from tiredness.

          “So whilst the intention of getting through all your tasks by working on lunch is commendable, in the long run it could well be detrimental to productiveness within the office.”

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