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        ‘Summer holiday’ to root out the fraudsters’

        ‘Summer holiday’ to root out the fraudsters’

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          Businesses are being told that one of the ways to spot fraudsters in the workplace is to make employees take a two-week summer break.

          Specialist investigators at Ernst & Young are advising employers to enact a compulsory summer holiday scheme to root out people who are committing fraud as such perpetrators are not able to “cover their tracks easily” while they are away from the office.

          As such, discrepancies will become more visible and culprits cheating their bosses will be easily “found out”.

          Jonathan Middup, partner at Ernst & Young’s Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services practice, said: “The profile of a typical fraudster is a long serving, trusted employee, who works long hours and is reluctant to take their annual leave.”

          “Without doubt, one of the most simple and cost-effective anti-fraud measures is to ensure employees take at least two consecutive weeks holiday.”

          According to the company, this year could be the biggest in terms of the amount of fraud that is being committed in the workplace as the economic downturn begins to add to the pressure already faced my many employees.

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