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        Milton Keynes businesses seek greater clarity in EU future

        Milton Keynes businesses seek greater clarity in EU future

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          According to the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce Milton Keynes businesses would like to see greater clarity over their future in the European Union (EU) as the Government considers a changing relationship with Brussels.

          Members of the chamber are concerned over the uncertainly of Prime Minister David Cameron’s renegotiations with his European counterparts.

          MK Chamber

          A long-running referendum campaign on whether the country should stay in the EU is also likely to have an impact on business confidence and their willingness to invest says the business support organisation…

          The Milton Keynes Chamber represents the views of businesses which together employ around 15% of the Milton Keynes workforce. Commenting on their behalf, Chief Executive Paul Griffiths, said: “It’s crucial that the UK’s relationship with the EU continues to work in the interest of businesses.

          “The Chamber, in conjunction with its members, insist that the framework for renegotiation is finalised as soon as possible so that businesses across the county can plan for the future with an element of certainty.

          “Moreover, the area’s businesses that export heavily to the continent need reassurance that they will not be overburdened with regulatory hurdles and needless red tape that undermines their ability to grow – impacting on the local economy.”

          Paul went on to say that the Government also needs a coherant and balanced approach to immigration which should take into account the skills requirement of the UK economy and social cohesion. He said: “The skills agenda must be addressed if local businesses are to realise their full potential, meaning that the Prime Minister must also include immigration reforms as part of the renegotiation package with his EU counterparts. This will help businesses in their quest to access the talent they need.”

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