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        How to craft your company’s mission statement for 2019

        How to craft your company’s mission statement for 2019

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          Crafting a great mission statement is an excellent way to show the world what your business is, and what it wants to be. Here’s how to write the best mission statement for 2019.

          Your company mission statement is the best way to show your business’ values and intentions. And with a new year upon us, now’s a great time to nail down your company’s aims.

          Here are a few tips on how to make the best mission statement for the coming year.

          Woman explaining the plan to office team

          Tell people who you are and why you’re here
          A mission statement tells the world who you are and, most importantly, why you’re here. Your business should have a goal that says what you do and why you do it. Are you aiming to change the world for the better? Is your work designed to provide value for a certain group of people? Try and make your target audience clear and your goals specific.

          Highlight your USP
          The main draw of having a mission statement is to tell people why your company stands out from the competition. There might be a thousand companies offering the same service, but you need people to pick yours. Try and add something inspirational, and reference specific things your business does that others might not. Maybe that’s offering service with a smile, or maybe it’s your core family values – whatever it is try and nail down that emotional connection.

          Make it easy to understand
          The world is moving towards clearer communication and less “buzzy”, corporate-sounding wording. Use plain English and make your mission statement easy for the average person to understand. Avoid technical jargon if you can, as this will put people off. If your company provides a niche product that can’t be simplified, just keep your technical lingo to a minimum.

          Make it memorable
          Your mission statement should be something everyone can remember, even if it’s not word-for-word. Although trying to be funny might be a bit tricky, you can still keep things positive in tone for readers. An emotionally-connected, inspiring mission statement that appeals to your customer base can be much more memorable than a bland corporate listing of the services you provide.

          Keep it short
          An overly wordy mission statement is worthless as no one will read it. Although it can seem difficult to summarise your whole business, your goals and your ethical values in one short blurb, it’s the best way to make an impact for 2019. In the modern day working world, the quicker and more concise a message is, the better!


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