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        Mobile and virtual offices offer the solution for start-ups

        Mobile and virtual offices offer the solution for start-ups

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          Professionals have released some top-tips for small businesses, revealing that driving down costs and keeping mobile may be the key to success.

          The business advice, compiled by business blog Noobpreneur, highlights the impact of the internet on business, particularly in relation to start-ups and small businesses. Crowdsourcing and home-based business were cited as being good start up solutions, but maintaining a healthy, active business image was also considered to be important.

          In a volatile economy, expensive business costs such as rent and office upkeep can severely hinder small businesses, particularly in cities such as London, where a huge demand for rental offices and labour costs can be extortionate. There are various solutions on offer to businesses that can’t afford these costs but want to maintain their image.

          Start-up companies may find the answer to this remedy by taking advantage of serviced offices, commercial office space and mobile working. The heavy costs incurred with a full-time office tenancy are offset without harming the appearance of the business.

          As a start-up, conveying the right image to other businesses is crucial.

          Virtual offices could also be the solution, utilising advanced technology systems to create a flexible work space, eliminating costs such as rent, utilities and furnishings. Although it doesn’t offer the noticeable advantages that you get with serviced offices, it does maintain a good image online. By taking advantage of the wealth of internet functions, you can participate in an online community of home-based businesses without having to over-invest.

          The top- ten list also touched base on other internet trends such as internet services, cloud business’ and social networking as being beneficial start-up tools.

          It also draws attention to environmental issues that may be impacting the economy, such as green issues and ethical corporate structures.

          The blend of personalised business tips with global online advice was worthy of note. While utilising internet resources and internet functionality may be seen as a marker of success, it is important not to lose track of the relationships businesses have with clients. So to all those budding entrepreneurs, the advice is to seize the potential of the internet, while keeping image and client relations at heart.

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