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        Companies working on the move with mobile technology

        Companies working on the move with mobile technology

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          An increasing number of businesses are doing away with traditional office space, in a bid to reduce costs and maximise flexibility, it has been suggested.

          Writing for Guardian Professional, Alex Bath claimed that the rise of mobile technology has given ‘legs’ to many small businesses.

          Armed with smartphones, laptops and media tablets – each of which are able to take advantage of mobile broadband and Wi-Fi services – businesses are no longer tied to a single location.

          Mr Bath noted that an increasing number of companies have no physical presence, with company bosses meeting with employees and partners at home, in coffee shops or other central locations.

          He said this looks to be “an increasingly common way of working”.

          “A recent survey of 750 small businesses by Brother UK revealed that 69 per cent of start-ups under six months old have no office space,” Mr Bath added.

          “[Many] take advantage of public spaces to run their business. More than a fifth of new companies polled say they base themselves in local coffee shops and bars to help reduce their overheads.”

          This may be the ideal set-up for many companies, and help entrepreneurs channel all their energies into getting their enterprise off the ground and then maximising revenues.

          One of the only issues they may have is the lack of a permanent base for mail deliveries, and the absence of an address to use on their marketing material.

          However, this problem can be easily solved by setting up a virtual office.

          Small companies can sign up to a virtual office provider to house a mailbox at an elite city address, from which correspondence can be forwarded on to a residential property.

          Businesses can also utilise professional telephone answering services and even have access to a trained receptionist who can serve as the first point of contact for their company.

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