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        Mobile technology ‘extending the working day’

        Mobile technology ‘extending the working day’

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          The advent of mobile devices means that many employees are working longer hours than ever before, it has been claimed.

          Rasheed Ogunlaru, life coach and speaker at, said the integration of email and other technology solutions has blurred the lines between the working day and home life.

          “Many people find themselves automatically responding to messages at all times of the day and night – and even on weekends and holidays,” he commented.

          Mr Ogunlaru said it is “important” that people do not constantly stare at a computer screen throughout the day.

          He highlighted the importance of setting aside some relaxation time in the evenings.

          “The key is that you must take charge and responsibility for managing your emails,” the expert stated.

          “The reality is that emails will not stop arriving – they will continue to flood in day and night. Many clients I work with receive hundreds or more a day.”

          This means that workers need to be disciplined and only access their inboxes at certain times.

          “It means that you may also need to educate people about what emails to send, when, and what response time to expect,” Mr Ogunlaru added.

          “This begins with the culture internally with colleagues and then externally with clients.”

          He suggested that if professional people are not able to switch off, they will quickly find themselves being less productive at work, affecting overall productivity and output.
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