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Suite 5 @ Kenrick Place, Marylebone,  £625.00 pws (12 months)
Suite 5 @ Kenrick Place, Marylebone, £625.00 pws (12 months)
Suite 3 @ Marylebone, W1U, £555 pws with 2 months FREE
Suite 3 @ Marylebone, W1U, £555 pws with 2 months FREE
Suite 2.00 @ SoanePoint, Reading, £304 pws (12 months)
Suite 2.00 @ SoanePoint, Reading, £304 pws (12 months)
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Mobile workers keeping devices on 24/7


Mobile working has the potential to offer many benefits to businesses and organisations.

Equipping workers with smartphones, tablets and web-enabled laptops can enable them to work on the move, reducing the amount of ‘dead time’ during the day.

It can also allow employees to keep in touch with the office when out meeting clients or partners, and during the daily commute.

Workers can use their mobile devices to finish off work tasks on their way home, or even during evenings and weekends – a better alternative than staying till all hours in the office.

However, business leaders need to ensure their employees use mobile technology sensibly, in a way which does not jeopardise their general health and wellbeing.

They need to stress the importance of taking time out from work duties – however important they may be – to rest and recuperate.

In its latest Mobile Workforce Report, mobile internet provider iPass has warned that many mobile workers are failing to switch off.

Many employees are now sleeping with their smartphones in near proximity, with 71 per cent of Asian workers, 58 per cent of North Americans and 55 per cent of Europeans taking their device to bed with them.

In around a third of cases, this behaviour – perhaps the ultimate dedication to their jobs – has caused friction with partners, families and friends, iPass claimed.

Worryingly, 56 per cent of Asian mobile workers said they wake up during the night to check their smartphone, followed by 31 per cent of North Americans and 21 per cent of Europeans.

Evan Kaplan, chief executive officer at iPass, noted that connectivity is “like oxygen for today’s mobile workers”.

“The improved ability to work anywhere as long as they are connected appears to be driving higher productivity,” he stated.

“This reinforces the need for IT departments to provide services that ensure high quality, safe and affordable global connectivity for their employees.”



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