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        Mobile working and hot desking can motivate staff

        Mobile working and hot desking can motivate staff

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          Business leaders have various options as they attempt to motivate staff, keep them engaged and secure their loyalty for the long term.

          The easiest way to keep workers happy may be to give them a pay rise, but in difficult economic times this may not be an option.

          And even if you can afford to keep putting salaries up across the board, there is no guarantee one of your rivals will not come in and offer your best people even more money.

          What employers can do to appease workers – without significantly adding to the bottom line – is deliver other, more intangible benefits.

          For instance, they can allow them to work from home, or embrace mobile working practices to cut down the amount of time they spend in the office.

          Businesses can use hot desking techniques to both reduce their own overheads and increase the level of freedom experienced by staff members.

          So while the company benefits from reduced costs, individuals may find themselves more able to take control of their working day, and be happier as a result.

          With recruitment and training costs a significant burden for employers, every talented staff member they can keep for the long-term represents an important boost for the company.

          The longer the best employees stay, the more productivity the company becomes, and the greater return they witness on their original investment.

          If a company can appease employees simply by allowing them to work with mobility, and take advantage of hot desking, this looks like a small price to pay when the potential benefits are considered.

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