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        Mobile working embraced by small and medium enterprises

        Mobile working embraced by small and medium enterprises

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          More small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are making use of mobile working with 93 per cent of directors saying it is a continuing or rising trend.

          In offices where there are fewer than 300 employees over a third of them work away from the office and this rises to 75 per cent when the office has more than 300 employees.

          Timlico questioned 200 directors from SMEs in the UK in order to carry out the study, which showed that flexible working practices are common in smaller businesses.

          The study went on to find that 61 per cent of those who responded said that data on company devices was either not protected or they did not know whether or not it was.

          A small enterprise is defined by the European Commission as one with less than 50 people working for it and a medium enterprise as one with a head count of less than 250 people.

          Trefor Davies, CTO for Timico, said: “There is wide-spread agreement that mobile working is a continuing or increasing trend across the UK, with a positive response to the expanding trend of Consumerisation of IT.”

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