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        Mobile working ‘mitigates effect of wintry weather’

        Mobile working ‘mitigates effect of wintry weather’

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          With winter just around the corner, employers will be dreading the prospect of more inclement weather, which could interfere with productivity and business output.

          Many firms have been hit by flooding in recent months, as the UK has seen one of the wettest summers on record.

          And while the last two winters have been relatively dry, snow is sure to fall at some point – meaning employers need to have business continuity plans.

          Every minute an employee spends unable to work amounts to lost productivity for their organisation.

          In an uncertain economic climate, companies simply cannot afford to write off dead time and wasted days where employees were unable to work to the best of their ability.

          Employers need to ensure employees are able to work all of the time – even when snow and ice means they are unable to make it into work.

          And this is where the internet has an important role to play.

          With the vast majority of individual workers now having home broadband and access to mobile technology, they are no longer rigidly tied to the office.

          Employees are able to access work files and documents over the internet, allowing them to work from any location with an internet connection.

          So when the harsh winter weather does arrive, workers will be able to log on at home rather than fight the weather.

          Even when they are snowed in, employees are able to carry on with most of their ordinary workplace tasks.

          Indeed throughout the year, the wider use of mobile working can allow businesses to reduce the size of their office spaces.

          Rather than provide one desk per employee, they can use hot desking arrangements to share facilities and slash costs.

          Some workers are required to operate from home on any given day, to ensure there is enough space for everyone in the office.

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