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        Mobile working sees 4G boost as O2 and Vodafone enter the fray

        Mobile working sees 4G boost as O2 and Vodafone enter the fray

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          The 4G revolution continues with both Vodafone and O2 launching their own services from today (August 29th).

          The pair will roll out their own superfast mobile internet in one and three cities respectively; with Vodafone sticking to London for now, while O2 will also have a 4G presence in Leeds and Bradford.

          It means EE is no longer alone in providing the service, which can surely mean more choice on the way for consumers.

          Three has also announced it will launch its own 4G service in September, possibly sparking a future price war with unlimited data set to be offered from £15 per month on a SIM-only plan.

          Telecoms expert at, Ernest Doku, said: “”While there is certainly much more than simply the monthly cost to consider when making the decision – coverage is key when choosing the right network – we hope that networks begin to fight with a little more heart in order to convince customers in making the leap to 4G.”

          At the moment Vodafone and O2 are offering their own perks to entice businesses to take up their service.

          Speaking on the official Vodafone UK blog, the company’s head of networks Yago Tenorio said they’re aiming to cover a very high percentage of the capital with what they are calling indoor 4G, citing how important the service indoors is to customers at home and in the office.

          Meanwhile O2 is promising to offer business customers a range of tariffs to support smartphones, tablets, mobile broadband and Pop Up Office (mobile wifi).

          However for the moment at least the ball still appears to be in EE’s court, as Mr Doku summarised: “”Talk about a headstart. As Vodafone and O2’s low-key launches roll out 4G to one and three cities respectively, EE marks bringing superfast mobile internet to their hundredth in the UK.”

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