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        Mobile working to help close gender gap

        Mobile working to help close gender gap

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          Flexible working options such as mobile working will help the close the gender gap in the workplace, it has been claimed.

          According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), flexibility and transparency in the workplace are both vital if it is to become a level playing field for male and female workers.

          “We’re very keen on flexible working practices – allowing people to work part time, at home [and at] different hours. It’s basically about businesses having a can-do attitude to people who have responsibilities outside of work as well. That doesn’t just apply to women, that applies to anybody who has a family,” a spokesperson for the commission stated.

          They added that there are many male workers who want to be able to combine their working lives with spending more time with their families and being able to work from home or varying their hours could help with this.

          The EHRC’s comments follow a study by the CMI which highlighted that female junior executives are on average being paid more per year than their male counterparts, however, senior women are paid around £10,000 less a year.

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