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        Modern up your office – 5 measures to take to ensure you’re keeping up with the times

        Modern up your office – 5 measures to take to ensure you’re keeping up with the times

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          New Year, New You, right? But what about New Year, New Office? We’ve put together five ways that you can liven up the office, making sure you’re keeping up with the times and that your workspace is a positive, inspiring environment.

          1. Put up a chalk-board for ideas
          People love to feel like their opinion matters and that they have space to share their ideas as they come up. Instead of (or as well as) hosting weekly catch-ups in a formal setting, why not put up a chalkboard on a wall with plenty of space? Then invite your staff to write whatever they like on the board, be it suggestions, jokes, nice comments about co-workers or even doodles. Keep the creativity flowing!

          2. Beanbags/comfy chairs
          You know what inspires creativity, idea generation and productivity? Breaks in creative and comfortable spaces. There’s a reason big companies like Google and Facebook deck their comfort zones out with pod-beds, beanbags and ice-cream bars. We’re not suggesting you install an ice-cream bar, don’t worry. But a little corner of the office or a meeting room where employees can cosy up with their laptop and pop in some earphones is bound to rouse ideas and productivity.

          a young man indoors have a coffee sitting in a comfortable red bean bag chair

          3. A bar
          More and more companies are installing mini-bars in their office or kitchen these days. Why? Because offering staff to finish work half an hour early on a Friday, and enjoy a couple of free beers or G&Ts with colleagues, harbours friendships among co-workers and allows all members of the company to relax and have some fun, bringing in the weekend in a chilled out way together. The friendlier the office environment is, the less dreaded Monday mornings become!

          4. Work-from-home days
          Ok, you might already have these in place, even just for some employees. But with technology making everything so easy to work from wherever you are in the world, it might be appropriate for your business to allow each employee one day a week to work from home? It’ll mean for one day a week every colleague can cut out their commute and get their work done from the comfort of their home. It also boosts productivity when people are in the office.

          5. Brighten up the workspace
          Bright colours help engage people’s minds when they’re working – nothing dulls creativity like surrounding yourself in grey, black or brown for long periods of time. Freshen up your office with some popping colours – whether it’s new bright green chairs, coloured curtains, one re-painted wall or even some fun cushions to pop on seats. Adding some plants also brightens up the room.

          Extra hint: the colour yellow inspires creativity and boosts energy, according to studies! Yellow beanbags for the creativity area, anyone?


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