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        Monday morning ‘the most productive time of the week’

        Monday morning ‘the most productive time of the week’

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          During the long working week, office productivity levels experience inevitable peaks and troughs.

          At some points of the working day, employees have simply had enough – productivity levels tend to dip late in the afternoon.

          And at others – such as first thing in the morning – meetings, catch-up briefings and general planning can stand in the way of active work.

          From an employer’s perspective, it is important to take note of trends in employee behaviour, and do all they can to facilitate maximum levels of productivity.

          As such, a new study from online retailer Viking may be of interest.

          The firm, which surveyed office employees about their working experience, claims that Monday morning between 10am and noon is the most productive time of the working week.

          Workers feel as if they get more done during this two-hour window than at any other point of the week.

          “The idea that we all dislike Mondays and little or no work is done does not seem to be the case in a modern business,” said Viking’s John O’Keeffe.

          “The research has shown that people feel more productive and fresher on a Monday morning.”

          Mr O’Keeffe suggested that from Tuesday onwards, distractions that impact on productivity “seem to start creeping in more and more”.

          As such, employers need to ensure they do all they can to support their employees, and enable them to achieve their full potential.

          For instance, they may wish to keep Monday mornings free from business meetings and other interruptions in order to help employees get through their workload.

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