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        More SMEs are adopting ‘mobile working strategies’

        More SMEs are adopting ‘mobile working strategies’

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          A greater number of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are adopting mobile working strategies, according to a new survey.

          The Business Journals revealed that 71 per cent of SMEs said that their employees used mobile technologies to work outside the office.

          On average, half of the workload of employees is done outside of the office, with an increasing number of people beginning to use smart phones and tablets to assist them in their work.

          A whopping 88 per cent of respondents said that they used social media for marketing purposes.

          Godfrey Phillips, vice president for research at the Business Journals, said: “As our study indicates that more SMB mobile professionals are connected via their smartphones and tablets, this enables them to work outside of the office more seamlessly, and it encourages mobile professionals to nurture a connection with their local communities.”

          The survey also revealed that a large number of the 2,223 business owners, chief executive officers and presidents of SMEs believed that the ability for employees to stay connected via wireless technology was “critical” to the success of their business.

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