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        More women needed in the boardroom- Fawcett Society

        More women needed in the boardroom- Fawcett Society

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          Quotas need to be put in place to ensure that more women reach the highest levels of organisations, according to the Fawcett Society.

          The equal opportunities body has said that measures should be considered which mean that more women will be able to work their way up to the boardroom.

          Preethi Sundaram, policy and campaigns officer at the Fawcett Society, said: “Business as usual isn’t working, but the most recent report looking into this issue stopped short of recommending quotas, where companies are required to have a certain number of women on their board. This might not be the popular choice, but all the evidence shows it is the only sure fire way to ensure more women reach the boardroom.”

          She added that greater awareness was needed about the inequalities which women may experience in the workplace.

          Her words echoed the results of a recent survey by Marie Claire and Everywoman, which showed that the majority believe women are still disadvantaged in the workplace in a number of ways.

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