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        Most UK office workers feel secure in their jobs

        Most UK office workers feel secure in their jobs

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          In order for employees to give their all on a daily basis, they need to be confident that their jobs are secure.

          Working under a cloud of uncertainty does nothing for productivity – it risks distracting and demotivating employees, impacting upon their contribution to the company.

          Fortunately for employers, the majority of UK workers – despite the ongoing eurozone crisis and UK’s return to recession – believe their jobs are safe.

          Despite gloomy stories that UK job creation has fallen to a three-year low, 77 per cent of full-time workers surveyed by Legal & General do not think their job is under threat.

          This drops to 67 per cent among part-time workers, but the overall message appears to be that people are not currently worried about their job security.

          Just three per cent of the workers questioned for the Job Security Index believe they are currently at risk of unemployment and less than one in ten – eight per cent – say they are looking for a new post which can offer them better job security.

          Some 29 per cent think their current job is so secure that they are not actively looking for other opportunities.

          Mark Holweger, director of Legal & General’s general insurance business, said it is “really encouraging and refreshing” to see such levels of optimism by UK workers.

          “It’s also interesting to see such a positive attitude towards potential unemployment, with so many keen to consider other employment options such as becoming self-employed or starting a business,” he stated.

          “This increased confidence will hopefully be reflected in the consumer market to the benefit of the UK economy, as well as the individuals concerned.”

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