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        National Geographic is a truly green office space

        National Geographic is a truly green office space

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          A 60 per cent success rate in keeping waste out of landfill and the introduction of energy-saving measures worth around £500,000 indicate that National Geographic runs a fairly green office.

          Sustainability is more than just a catchword for employees at the Washington DC headquarters of this organisation, and the company is still trying to improve its efforts, staff have said.

          Constant recycling and composting are two of the ways in which the company is working towards a more eco-friendly workplace, with bathroom paper waste, lunch leftovers and worn out computers and phones all going into the mix.

          Changes have been made to lighting by replacing environmentally harmful lights with more eco-friendly models, and equipping much of the building with motion sensors which detect whether the lights need to be on or off.

          Other measures have seen the amount of water reduced, the heating brought into check and business travel reined in.

          Closer to home, offices aspiring to such an eco-friendly workplace could take part in Green Office Week, which is running next week.

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