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        Nearly half of working parents unaware of childcare vouchers

        Nearly half of working parents unaware of childcare vouchers

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          Many working parents are unaware of childcare vouchers and other employee benefits, according to a survey of 2,000 parents undertaken by Co-Operative Employee Benefits.

          The results showed that 45 per cent of parents were unaware of the vouchers and how they could save them money of childcare costs.

          Staff are missing out because of bosses as 33 per cent of workers said they had never been offered the vouchers by their employers but 22 per cent said they would take them up if offered.

          Childcare vouchers are a government supported scheme which enables parents to pay for childcare from their pre taxed salary, which can add up to a saving of hundreds of pounds over the year.

          Last week was National Work-Life week designed to encourage a good balance for parents that work with employers who are flexible towards working families finding they are more motivated.

          Tracy Wilson, group operations manager for Co-operative Employee Benefits, said: “There is simply not enough awareness of childcare vouchers and the benefits that they hold for both employer and employee.”

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