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        Need to retain talented workers is increasing

        Need to retain talented workers is increasing

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          It is becoming more and more important for workplaces to retain talented workers by treating them well, human resources experts have said.

          Making key employees feel as if they have a place in the office and giving them feedback on their work are both ways in which this can be done, according to Nisa Chitakasem, founder of Positive Ignition.

          She told HR Magazine: “It is far shrewder and more economical to work at keeping your top employees than to let them go and spend money on recruiting and training new people who are going to take a while to get up to speed.”

          Clear communication can also be key in giving employees a sense of direction and purpose. Ms Chitakasem advised that it is important to have regular input sessions so that people within the company can be clear on direction and where they fit it.

          A survey by Deloitte suggested that as the baby boomer generation retires over the next few years a significant skills gap will arise. Seventy per cent of respondents said they were concerned about retaining talent within the company in light of these issues.

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