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NEPAL BLOG DAY 12: Tuesday 25th November

Day 12 – Feeling better, singing songs and eating pizza! 

I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is our last working day for POD. The time has really flown by leaving me a little shell shocked. I’m really going to miss Sarah and Janice, the little ones at Ward 6 as well as the street kids. The mid-morning sunshine and the tourist strip at Lakeside. The ladies looking smart in their bright saris. The motorcycle riders sounding their horns all day long, the street dogs who wander around as though they have somewhere to be and sacred cows, who sleep in the middle of a cross road, but nobody dares to move!

This morning, I returned to work after becoming sick yesterday. Tentatively, I sipped my water containing electrolytes and prepared myself to have a wonderful day and to give my all, despite feeling a little weak.

I’m happy to say, that I had a fantastic day! I read stories to the children, which were translated into Nepali by their teacher and revelled in the rapt attention on their faces. We sang songs outside in the sunshine and the children danced around as their teacher played the tabla drum and sang traditional Nepali songs. I helped out at lunch time, handing out the spoons and bowls to the eager children who cried out “chamach!” – spoon! After the children said their prayers, we all waved goodbye and called out “pherie bataola” – see you soon. I loved every minute of it, but it brought home to me that tomorrow will be our last day here.27

After lunch, Edwina interviewed us on film about the benefits of corporate volunteering for the POD website, as we sat on a wall in a nearby open space, surrounded by cows and stray dogs acting as the backdrop.

We took the all 10 of the street kids out to “Godfathers Pizza” this evening on BE! Sarah from POD came along and after we all walked down to Lakeside. The older ones and I happily discussed our favourite pizza toppings and they talked about the last time they were taken there as a treat by some volunteers. Before leaving, we promised Aama that we would order a take away for her, as she couldn’t walk with us, due to having swollen feet. Such a lovely lady, we were happy to do this small thing for her! She looks after all of the street kids, with support from POD charity. They all live with her and her daughter Ashmita. She takes great pride in the children and it was lovely to see her sending one of the little ones back inside to change, after she decided that he looked too scruffy to go out and it was so moving to see him returning, wearing a smart hoodie.27.2
I was taught a Nepali song by this same little one and he was so happy when I sang it with him, after I had to write the words down ! 

After pizza, we bundled everyone into two taxis and the girls took them home. They loved their special night out, which was more of a treat for me, I think! 

I will be sad to leave everyone but I’m really looking forward to the flight home on Friday evening. I can’t wait to see my lovely Mia, aswell as my Centralpoint Team again! I’ve really missed everyone!

Yasmine x

My blog for today will be short, I awoke with a bit of a headache and feeling quite low.

It’s dawned on me I’m going soon and as much as there are people I can’t wait to see and my pup to get back to I’m very sad about this!
It wasn’t the best day truth be told, I made myself go to Ward 6 as didn’t want a little headache to stop me carrying out my second to last day with the children. However I felt quite exhausted and run down so my enthusiasm may have been a little lacking. Luckily Yasmine was back to full strength after her day of resting up and she handled the class like a pro with her stories.27.1

Again once returning to the house I had a bit of a moment and burst into tears which was terrible timing as we had to go out do our interviews for Edwina to film! I tried to get through it with a smile on my face as if I was ok. I hope it isn’t noticeable when she reviews the footage!?

Street Kids was fantastic that evening, taking them for Pizza really lifted my mood! I have become so fond of a few of the boys and will miss my little friend Bidan a lot. As we walked to God Fathers both him and another one of the boys held my hands and happily chatted away to me for the whole walk and then rushed to try and sit next to me in the restaurant!
The boys had a lovely time and that was so humbling to see…
I feel like I want to cry writing this…I feel like saying goodbye today will be quite emotional! I have some lovely little gifts to give out as donated by my friends’ lovely mum who spent time knitting each one ad stuffing them with sweets, so I look forward to that!27.4

In the evening myself and Edwina went for Crepes and I decided to stay out a little longer with Graham so I could go and see my lovely new friends in the band again. We didn’t stay for long however as the drinks were very expensive and the atmosphere not as great as The Blues Bar, where I will be returning tonight to do my last set with the guys, so I can get a video memento!

Until then…

Jade x



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