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NEPAL BLOG DAY 14: Thursday 27th November

Hey everyone , apologies I’ve missed a few days I am a little behind as I have been out and about and really making sure that I squeeze as much as possible into the little time I had remaining! And due to limited wifi and not always being able to charge my phone/iPad it’s been difficult to find a time to write and upload anything! 

Our last working day was emotional, we made our way to Ward 6 in silence for the most part and the day was quite tough once again. I was feeling a little low again knowing that it was the last time and that not all of the children I’d come to be fond of were there that day for goodbyes. But never the less, we did the usual singing and dancing and storytelling along with basic English skills with them all and got heavily stuck in to the last Ward 6 session.
Before we left we were presented with our tikka and scarf which was really very moving! All the teacher welled up during this and gave us hugs and said they would miss us and thanked us lots for our time! I really hope we have made lasting impression on the children and that they enjoyed the time we spent there with them! I did! Despite the bruises I’m covered in and the sometimes trying moments I feel I got totally stuck in and gave attention to each and every child! Never afraid to get my hands mucky (knowing that hand sanitizer is close by…) I was happy to sit on the filthy floor and let the children jump all over me as I think they need and deserve affection and attention! I always loved it when one of the children would come and sit in my lap or get comfy next to me, not afraid to hold my hand or chatter away in Nepali at me whilst I just looked at them amused and confused hahanepal 14 xx

Street Kids was another emotional one. As mentioned I’ve become really attached to Bidan and Mann they are so adorable! Feels weird knowing I won’t get to hang out with them again!
I gave out the amazing knitted Christmas stockings and crackers that my lovely friends mum Mary had given me to take over which were a major hit with everyone! The boys shared round the sweets and were never greedy! So refreshing to see.
I gave Ashmeta a little compact mirror with a light on that I had taken over and not used as well as some little glitter arts and craft gems which she loved. She is such an intelligent and beautiful girl, and the boys are so full of life and look after you so well whilst you are there, walking us to the taxi rank and making sure they haggled the price for us!
Before we left we had a group photo and once again we were presented with another tikka. It was a shame it was so dark out so the goodbyes with the boys had to be quick. Before we went they presented us with drawings and notes which I looked at earlier and cried my eyes out! So so lovely!

That evening myself and Edwina agreed it would be a proper ‘Let Your Hair Down’ type of night with it being the last one! Yasmine joined us at Maya Bar for dinner but opted to go shopping following food so me, Edwina and Graham went to meet his friends Deevin and Servage at The Blues Bar so I could sing one last time with the amazing Wave Band! I’m in the love with these guys! They own the stage and are just so lovely to speak to. They welcomed me up and we did around 5 songs which was awesome! I loved it once again and will miss singing with them! I wish they could come to England! Stay tuned for a video of one of these performances. Massive love to the guys in the band Rajesh, Ameet, Soubin you can see them here:nepal 14 xxxxxxxx

I had the best night, my new Aussie chum Edwina aka Skippy The Bush Kangeroo, she was on top form and I realised that we have become really close on this trip and will miss the pants off of her! She’s been funny, supportive and an all-round fun person to hang out with…I mean she managed to talk me into paragliding for god’s sake…she is a Yes Woman and I want to be more like her in that respect!
We will definitely keep in contact and have even chatted about doing some more volunteer work through PoD together in the future!
Another thing Edwina (with Graham’s help) talked me into (perhaps a little stupidly/selfishly) was to stay an extra night and get a taxi back to Kathmandu a day later than planned! And because I wasn’t ready to leave I agreed! It may have been a little naughty of me but Graham said that as he was done in Pokhara and wanted to head on that he would be my escort and come with me so I knew I was in safe hands for the trip.nepal 14 xxx

The following day as I now had another day to make more fun memories we rented another cool motorbike and went on a day trip to a beautiful town up on the mountain called Bandipor.
I can’t believe my new zest for adventure, I mean granted I was a passenger on the back but I’ve never been on a bike in my life, nether the less trying that experience out for the first time in a place like Nepal where you have crazy terrain, cows in the middle of the road, people weaving in and out of traffic and even crazier drivers…. The only part of this trip I didn’t enjoy was coming back as it was getting dark, where I opted to just hold on for dear life and close my eyes for the most part haha (that tactic has got me few a few things here)
The rest of it was stunning, as the town was so so beautiful! So glad I went!

Today we were up at 5.45 getting sorted for our 6.30am taxi to Kathmandu. After goodbyes with Bindu and Edwina (miss you already chum!)The car pulled up and I was relieved to see that it was a fairly nice car and not as tiny as the ones you generally see racing up and down ferrying people to their destinations in Pokhara!
Graham was also relieved as he is around 6 ft 6! So we got to travel in what I thought was pretty luxurious conditions to Kathmandu. Blanket plenty of room and Graham’s laptop watching The League! The journey flew by. When we arrived in the crazy town of Kathmandu we freshened up and then went for food and then on to The Monkey Temple, another thing that was on my To Do List. It was so cool, hundreds and hundreds of monkeys everywhere! Then it was a taxi to the airport along with a sad good bye with Graham before the flight home! Gutted!nepal 14 xxxxxxx

I have literally had the time of my life out here! I am so upset to be coming home and think I will have a hard time adjusting to normal life again! I am so unbelievably grateful to BE for making this happen for me and for being the reason that I got to experience the amazing things that I did during my time in Nepal! Without them I would never have done this and never learnt the things that I have about myself and that I can make a difference and that I’m now always the huge baby that I generally think I am!! I think however that I now need a couple of days flat out sleep now….
The people I have met and the experiences I’ve had will stay with me for the rest of my life!!


Day 14 – The bus trip back to where it all began..

At 7.30am sharp,the tourist bus bound for Kathmandu started it’s engine. The driver showed us all to our allocated seats and I soon settled in. 

I’d forgotten how beautiful the scenery is between Pokhara and Kathmandu and felt myself being taken away by it, once more. I was in a reflective mood and the scenery was apt. I remembered the first day when we made this journey, meeting lovely new friends, Sophie, Edwina and Deepen really made that trip for me and I couldn’t help feeling that it was quite magical in a way. I heard their voices and laughter in my mind and it made me smile.

In honour of Deepen, I bought some samosas and shared them with a lady next to me, but it just wasn’t the same somehow.

This has really been a trip of a lifetime and I have learnt so much about myself and have a newfound respect for life. My life back home aswell as the lives of thecmany people I have met. There is only one sky and we all share it but it’s just so much better when you see Mount Everest through the louds. It never fails to leave me breathless

I will miss Nepal. It’s a part of me now and I have never felt more welcome anywhere in the world.

Kathmandu with its hustle and bustle is charmingly chaotic. Everyone smiles at you and calls out Namaste. A little like Pokhara but everyone is in a bit of a hurry, which seems like a shame.nepal 14 xxxxx

I decided to treat myself and stay in a nice big hotel for the last night, before our flight tomorrow. Jade has decided to spend one more night in Pokhara with new friends, as she loves it there so much and will trave to Kathmandu in the morning.

I’d honestly forgotten what a hot shower feels like and nearly cried when I stepped under it..bliss! I’m really tired after the long journey, so went to the spa for a bit and then went to get my hair washed and blow dried and a beauty treatment. The whole bill came to £9.00! nepal 14 x

I will have an early night tonight and do some sight seeing in the morning.

What an amazing experience all this has been! A bit like a dream..




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