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        Working independently: How to improve

        Working independently: How to improve

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          While each arrangement has its own advantages, working as an individual is a useful skill to master. Not only can it improve personal development in the workplace, but it also gives you more control and may enhance job satisfaction.

          Four-fifths of UK employees felt less pressure when working independently, as they didn’t have to behave or interact in a specific way and could focus 100% on their project, according to a study published by Apollo Technical in 2023.

          Why work independently?

          Independent work means having the skills and mental discipline to work on assigned tasks alone, without referring to colleagues for support or advice. While you’re likely to receive pointers from a manager or supervisor, you’re a trusted individual who will be left alone to complete the project without further supervision.

          Office worker working independently

          If you’re wondering why learning how to work independently is important, experts say it can increase your focus and improve job satisfaction, as there are fewer distractions to interrupt your train of thought.

          Around one-quarter of employees feel working independently offers greater flexibility, as they can make progress on an assignment at their own pace, as long as they adhere to the timeframe for completion.

          This means if you’re based in a flexible bespoke workplace, such as serviced offices, for example, you can put in extra or fewer hours when required to keep on schedule.

           Personal development

          You may achieve a higher output when focusing on a specific assignment yourself, as you can switch from tasks when needed, without having to check in with other team members. It creates a greater sense of achievement, increasing self-esteem and the belief you can handle any challenges you’re presented with.

          This may give you greater confidence, as you know you have the company’s trust to complete the project, with the necessary knowledge and skills to move forward with minimal supervision.

          Working independently can improve your self-discipline, as you must set your own deadlines to complete tasks. It can teach you how to be organised at work, while demonstrating to your employer your ability for efficient self-management.

          This skill can make you an invaluable asset to others, strengthening your position within the company.

          How to take constructive criticism

          Having greater confidence at work is a massive bonus, as it improves your outlook on the company as a whole and your role as an individual. Working independently allows you to take full credit for the project. If you’re quite a competitive person, this may better suit your personality, as your manager can see your personal achievements.

          On the other side of the coin, if your employer isn’t satisfied with any aspect of the tasks you’ve completed, learning how to take constructive criticism is a must. Always remember constructive criticism is meant to benefit an individual and isn’t a personal attack on you as a human being.

          Always accept it in the correct way: as a means of helping you do your job better in future and gearing your skills up to match your role in the company.

          Working independently means recognising there may be room for improvement, so look on it as a helping hand. You know you have the knowledge and skills to overcome any hurdles, so treat constructive criticism as a useful tool for self-help.

          Always pay attention to instructions, understand your role and remember what’s expected of you and accept it in a positive way to continue to learn and develop.

          Working independently in BE Offices’ serviced offices in London could be a great way of furthering your career and helping your self-development. It could put you in control and provide a great way of becoming your own boss, minus the expense of having to rent a traditional office and without the disruptions of working from home.


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