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NEPAL BLOG DAY FOUR: Monday 17th November

“Ma Nepali sik-dai chhu” – “I’m learning Nepali!”

After having a language lesson this evening, I’m feeling really excited to start speaking basic Nepali tomorrow. I will practice with the younger children and hope they will be more forgiving of a novice like me. It will be funny if they all burst out laughing. I don’t mind, happy to be of entertainment value!


Working with the small children at Ward 6 was a lot of fun today. Jade brought some bubbles with her and gave a bottle to Edwina and I. Well, the squeals of delight were music to our ears. All the children ran around in excited circles trying to catch them and clapped their hands into the air. One little boy even tried to bat at them with a big stick, lost in his own little world. I quickly chased after him, bubbles trailing and traded the stick for bubbles blown just for him to catch with his own hands. With a cheeky smile, he gave it up. Afterwards, we played some lovely singing and clapping games. Jade sang the song from Frozen and we all joined in with the sound effects and actions. So much fun. We will go to the hardware store tomorrow to buy the wood and paint for the swings as we are all keen to make a start on that very soon!

In the afternoon, we all visited the Street kids project. This is a house where boys from 6 to about 14 live, with a lovely lady, called Amma (Mother) I absolutely love it here!  The boys are so cheeky and funny. They also speak excellent English and are really cool, friendly and respectful. They’ve all had such tough lives and are so talented and clever. They invited us to play football and piggy in the middle (called Monkey in Nepal) and we all got on so well. We will take them to the Internet cafe tomorrow, as they love to go there and email past volunteers to keep in touch and let them know how they are. So lovely.

A long and rewarding day which I will never forget.



Today has been amazing!

We spent our first morning with the children at Ward 6 and it was brilliant to see that there actually was a fair bit of structure to the children’s day. I think we did a good job in enforcing this structure and helped to keep the children entertained from start to finish.


I had taken some bubbles with me so myself, Yasmine and Edwina had a bottle each and the children had so much fun running after the bubbles and popping them. So simple yet very effective! After the bubble antics we went inside and did some singing, we did a lot of nursery rhymes and copying songs along with ‘Let It Go!’ Yes you heard me right…when struggling to find a song to sing to Nepalese infants…give Let It Go a bash!?! It seemed to go down ok!

After singing we did some short English learning games with pictures on a board including alphabet and the weather and the children went around telling us all their names!

Outside we played duck duck goose and that was followed by a little play indoors and then lunch time which is the point that we left as the children then wind down and have a little nap. There are some right little characters in the mix and we’ve spotted our trouble makers and the ones to watch from the get go, but for the most part the little ones are extremely cute and very spirited!

After lunch it was a half hour walk to Street Kids which is an after school project for orphan boys to hang out, do home work and play together, keeping them occupied, educating them and keeping them out of trouble.

I think we were all shocked and amazed at how amazing the boys English was, they can hold full conversations in English which is just brilliant and made working alongside them so much easier then with the little ones at Ward 6 as there wasn’t the frustrating language barrier.

Myself and Edwina entered into a rather rough and tumble game of football/piggy in the middle/volley ball with some of the boys and I think we just about held our own! (I go to the gym 4 times a week but even I was exhausted after 15 minutes of playing these games).  I really enjoyed working with the boys and think that we will have a lot of fun at Street Kids!


Onto our Nepali lesson which was brilliant! Our teacher Prem is a lovely lovely man and his teaching style is fantastic, so funny and engaging! He might be the smiliest man I’ve ever met! The lesson was a little overwhelming as there was so much, I had tried to learn some basics before going but I find it hard keeping it all in my head so think I will just take a small cheat book phrase guide with me tomorrow to Ward 6.

Today has been physically exhausting and my feet are not my friends at the moment but it has been brilliant at the same time! I don’t think I will have trouble sleeping at all tonight.

Night all!




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