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        New employees ‘must be made welcome’

        New employees ‘must be made welcome’

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          Effective orientation programmes for new employees can make a significant difference to engagement levels within the workplace, it has been suggested.

          Writing for Naples Daily News, business consultant Jan Kantor noted that businesses are constantly hiring new people, and it makes sense to fully integrate them as quickly as possible.

          Businesses should have a strategy in place when they arrive at the firm’s premises – whether this is a workshop, factory, campus or even serviced office space.

          Mr Kanto said managing motivation and morale “starts from the very beginning” – the first time an individual enters the building as a paid employee.

          “Day one at the office lays the groundwork for the future with a new hire,” he claimed.

          “How you treat, orientate and guide your employee gives him or her a good idea of your management style and what type of department or firm he or she has joined.”

          Mr Kantor said it is one of an employer’s responsibilities to systematically ease new employees into their job functions as effortlessly and expeditiously as possible.

          “The easier you make that transition, the more your new hire will not only appreciate your efforts, but look favourably upon the company,” he told the news provider.

          Loyalty and goodwill are attainable feelings that are fostered by a sincere attitude of caring, interest and involvement, the expert added.

          This means company bosses and managers should start by preparing for any new recruit before they arrive.

          Equipment should be ready so they feel immediately welcome, while an information pack should contain all important contact details and things they need to know.

          “Take the time to go over duties and answer any questions,” Mr Kantor urged.

          “Make sure the employee receives the company personnel manual and other collateral material. Outline specific procedures or policy your department adheres to.”

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