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        Office décor: How to keep an office environment stimulating

        Office décor: How to keep an office environment stimulating

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          Considering renovating or redecorating your office, but need some guidance on how to make it as stimulating – and comfortable – as possible? Here are some top tips on how to get started…

          So, you’ve decided on your new office space and you’re ready to make it your own – somewhere your employees can enjoy coming to every day, where they feel motivated and stimulated. But redecorating your office can be a tricky task. How do you find the right balance between pleasing your staff and meeting the needs of your business?

          Here are some considerations to help you get started.

          1. A paint job goes a long wayInterior designers and psychologists alike have long thought the colours of rooms have a significant effect on the way we behave. Blue, for example, makes you feel calm and serene, making it an optimum choice for a living room or bedroom. Yellow increases energy flow and gets you moving, and green makes you feel inspired and openminded. So, why not add a dash of green or hints of yellow to your new space, to get workers feeling ready for anything the moment they walk in?

          2. Mix it up (and down)
          One of the reasons companies like Google and Facebook has so many different types of seating (beanbag, anyone?) is so that people can move around freely throughout the day and essentially refocus their minds between tasks. A really simple way to do this is to include standing desks as well as traditional desks in your office, allowing employees to stretch their legs and reset throughout the day.

          3. Go green
          This time we’re not talking wall colour. Employees prefer office spaces that positively impact the environment – in fact, companies that ignore environmental and social responsibilities suffer lower engagement and productivity.

          Taking small steps to a sustainable office, like having recycling bins, energy-efficient bulbs and good ventilation – as well as setting targets to reduce emissions further – all go a long way.

          4. Minimise clutter
          There’s no point having a shiny, spacious new office only to fill it with unnecessary clutter. Make sure you do a thorough clear-out before redecorating, and, once the new office is good to go, implement the use of lockers, storage cupboards and boxes to keep everything neatly organised. Establish a Clean Workspace Policy among staff, ensuring clear desks at the end of the day, and have wires from devices neatly wrapped or covered to reduce unsightly tangling on walls and surfaces.

          5. Make it like home
          People spend, on average, 8-9 hours a day in their offices, so it’s important they feel at home there. Adding personal touches to the office, like visually-stimulating artwork on the walls, designated quiet spaces to relax or have meetings, and snacks in the kitchen, will help employees feel welcome and valued at work – so they won’t be so tempted to watch the clock.


          Images courtesy of Press Association

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