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        Office employees evacuated due to ‘noxious smell’

        Office employees evacuated due to ‘noxious smell’

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          Employees have returned to an Essex council building from which they were evacuated due to a “noxious smell”.

          Around 250 people were evacuated from the Essex County Council offices in Colchester on Friday June 29th, reports the BBC.

          The incident led the Health Protection Agency (HPA) to launch an investigation into the smell and sickness.

          However, a spokesperson for the council said no hazardous material or cause of illness had been discovered as yet.

          Safety inspectors declared Essex House in The Crescent safe over the weekend, allowing local government employees to return to work on Monday.

          “Emergency measures were taken immediately with Essex House employees – including all customer service agents – evacuating the building while further investigation took place,” the spokesman said.

          “As well as the emergency services, the building has also been thoroughly checked by Essex County Council facility management teams before being given a clean bill of health, with facility management representatives remaining on site on Monday.

          The spokesperson said the county council is “a responsible employer” and does not regret taking every precaution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees.

          The incident highlights the importance of ensuring offices are kept clean and the highest standards of hygiene are adhered to.

          Employees spend a large proportion of their week in the office, and in order to ensure they work at their best it is important to create a suitable business environment.

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