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        Office employees: Making a workplace romance work

        Office employees: Making a workplace romance work

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          For many people, the workplace is where they meet their life partner – whether by coincidence or the law of averages.

          Employees spend much of their time interacting with other people at work, and it is inevitable that some individuals will enjoy a degree of chemistry with a co-worker.

          But if they do choose to begin a relationship with a colleague, are there any ground rules employees need to be aware of?

          According AskMen’s Scarlett Russell, there are a few do’s and don’ts office workers need to consider.

          Failing to do so could quickly put them in the bad books of their employer and colleagues, she suggested.

          Ms Russell said it is important to be discreet at all times – even If everyone knows that a ‘more than just friends’ situation has developed.

          Being overly touchy-feely could annoy co-workers, and cause greater humiliation if the relationship grinds to a halt, she warned.

          In a similar vein, office workers should avoid becoming anti-social – a rapid change in the way they interact with other people is likely to be picked up on.

          “Try to keep your relationship, work and social lives a little separate,” Ms Russell urged.

          She also advised against involving too many people, given that places of work tend to be gossip-driven.

          “The couple who strike up a romance will inevitably become the Brad and Ange of the office, but only for about a week. Then they’ll get bored and move on to the next piece of gossip,” Ms Russell stated noted.

          Finally, she said it is important to be sure there is mutual attraction before making a move.

          If the initial advances are rebuffed, it could lead to some rather uncomfortable situations in the future – possibly every single day going forwards.

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