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        Office environment can affect employee sentiment

        Office environment can affect employee sentiment

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          As business leaders attempt to maximise productivity, they need to think about ways of keeping employee sentiment as positive as possible.

          Happy workers tend to be productive ones – people are much more likely to give their all if they bought into the shared cause and are motivated to do their jobs.

          Factors such as pay and benefits inevitably have an influence on levels of morale within the workforce, but employees tend not to be motivated solely by extrinsic rewards.

          Good management, provision of the appropriate tools and resources and a positive business environment can all help encourage positivity within the workforce.

          And with recruitment and training costs a constant drain on organisations’ budgets, firms should be looking to do all they can to minimise staff attrition.

          If employers operate from serviced offices, they need to find ways of making these workspaces as enjoyable a place to work as possible.

          At a basic level, employees need to have enough space to do their work effectively, a fully functional PC if appropriate and access to communal facilities such as a kitchen, seating areas etc.

          Simple touches such as plant features, fruit bowls, up to date notice boards and an office radio/CD player can also make a difference, helping employees to feel more at home.

          During the average week they are likely to spend as much time at the office as in their own homes, so it is important that this is a pleasant and practical working area.

          If employees do not feel at ease in the business environment, it may be one factor which persuades them to look for an alternative job elsewhere.

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