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        Office hotelification: Where the office and hospitality intersect

        Office hotelification: Where the office and hospitality intersect

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          A new trend known as workplace hotelification is sweeping the corporate world, as more businesses choose flexible workspace over traditional offices.

          The pandemic changed the way companies operate forever and this latest style of working follows on naturally from the use of home offices and remote working.

          People realised the convenience of working flexibly when their usual office was closed during the lockdowns. Now, employees have come to expect much more from their office space and are looking for additional benefits. This is why analysts have coined the term “hotelification” – as they believe modern workspaces must offer much more than just desk space.

          What is office hotelification?

          Well, quite simply it describes the practice of answering the requirements of clients who now expect the same level of service from their workspace provider that they would have if they stayed in a hotel. Entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers, professionals and SMEs, right up to large corporates, are now seeking more from their office space.

          The term hotelification is the repositioning of office, retail and residential space, according to Tim Oldman, who founded Leesman to measure and analyse employee workspace experiences for global organisations. His research has revealed employees treat their offices differently when they are working on a hybrid basis and perhaps having to book their desk space for a set period of time.

          The surroundings and amenities must be of a high quality, offering “warmth and hospitality” to encourage them to come in, he suggests. This draws the parallel between hotels and offices, as the costs of using such services will be higher than if you stay at home.

          Visitors in a hotel expect the staff to tend to their every need. Clean surroundings, pressed linen sheets, fluffy bathrobes and complementary toiletries are among the benefits of paying to stay in a luxurious hotel, rather than at home. The more pampered guests feel, the more engaged they are and the more likely to return for a repeat experience.

          In the same way, when dealing with a hybrid workforce, employees expect those extra perks to compensate for their commuting time and expenses when they could be working from home, says Oldman.

          He believes workspace providers must create new ways of attracting and retaining members, who like to feel their time and money are being well spent. He suggests workspace providers should craft their offices with a “hotelier’s mentality”.

          Benefits of office hotelification

          Service is at the core of every hotel’s ethos – so it follows that it must be in the DNA of your workspace provider too. Providing excellent premises, with service to match, means clients will feel happier in the workplace.

          Happy employees are more productive and less likely to feel stressed or suffer burnout. Three-quarters of UK employees have reported “moderate to high” stress levels at work and have experienced burnout in their job to some degree.

          Around one-third of workers report stress has negatively impacted their productivity, according to research carried out in 2023 by Champion Health.

          Providing the ideal work environment through hotelification could be the answer to attracting and engaging satisfied employees.

          According to a poll by Zippia, 89% of respondents reported “feeling better” after they started work at a shared office space. In addition, 69% said they had learned new skills there, thanks to the collaborative environment.

          It all comes down to what you need from an office. Is it creative workshopping, brainstorming, mentoring a younger workforce, a certain type of office plan or some other requirement?

          The advantage of hotelification is that it can be developed to encompass whatever you need. There’s so much scope for shaping the environment to include the values you want in the office – all for a monthly fee which is very likely to be significantly lower than you would pay for traditionally leased workspace.

          Serviced office space – London

          Serviced office space in London is in huge demand as the preference for flexible working increases and the flexible workspace options continue to grow.

          Of course, they’re not all of the same standard.

          Here at BE Offices, we offer a Service Excellence Guarantee, the only workspace provider to commit their service levels to paper. This document is given to every client to let them know about the high level of service they can expect from day one. When you choose one of our workspaces, such as our premium offices in Paddington in the thriving W2 area, you’re promised exceptional levels of natural light, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass exterior. There’s also a plethora of break-out areas and kitchens filled with complementary top-quality coffees and teas.

          Our Paddington office space already boasts many hotelification features, thanks to its stunning grand reception entrance, double height lobby, truly breath-taking views across London and superfast 10 Gbps internet connectivity.

          We’re also totally transparent in our billing and our licence process is the simplest in the industry. There are no hidden extras – but we do offer plenty of surprise treats and regular fun pop-up events for clients, such as monthly themed cocktail events and tasty brunches!

          We’ve won multiple industry awards, and we also have our own project team, The Green Group, to make all our processes greener and more energy efficient so you can also rest assured that you are working in environmentally friendly office space.


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