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        Office space feng shui could boost employee wellbeing

        Office space feng shui could boost employee wellbeing

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          Feng shui as a concept regularly goes in and out of fashion in the home, where tackling stress is not always a top priority.

          In the office space, however, keeping calm and collected is a must and anything employers can do to reduce the impact of pressing deadlines and rising workloads is a must.

          Which is why serviced office space feng shui could be a saving grace for businesses that operate a highly pressurised work environment.

          Master Sarah McAllister, director of Feng Shui Agency & School of Chue Feng Shui, said: “Feng shui helps to increase awareness of how the environment affects you, both positively and negatively, and what measures [businesses need] to take to reduce or transform any negative influences and increase the positive areas.”

          “It is really important to get [an office space] as optimised as possible through the process of feng shui consultation,” she added.

          Recently, TV presenter George Clarke claimed that LED lighting is another way of updating the look of an office space while slashing slashing energy consumption.

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