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        Office space smartphone use could be damaging business security

        Office space smartphone use could be damaging business security

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          Office space security could be under threat by the rising use of smartphones and other personal computing devices.

          According to new research from ViewSonic, IT chiefs are becoming increasingly concerned about personal smartphone and tablet use in the workplace, which poses a significant security threat to firms.

          The proliferation of personal computer and PDA use has cast “a plague on the corporate world”, according to ViewSonic, and firms need to put security measures in place – including the banning of such devices.

          ViewSonic’s James Coulson said the use of smartphones and tablets will only increase over time, but businesses need to take a proactive approach when it comes to integrating them into their day-to-day operations.

          “We urge organisations not to bend their mobile strategies to incorporate these devices but instead, look harder for solutions that meet the criteria of both employee and employer,” Mr Coulson said.

          He added that while IT firms are attempting to make modern serviced office spaces more digitally secure, there is still some doubt as to how safe using mobile devices to access company networks actually is.

          Having said that, head of Vodafone Business Services Tom Craig recently claimed that any business striving for growth needs to have unfettered access to the latest technology – including smartphones.

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