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        Office space workers fib about their “exciting weekends”

        Office space workers fib about their “exciting weekends”

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          On Monday morning the tall tales flying around the office space can be heard loud and clear as workers tell colleagues about the exciting nights out they’ve had and the celebrities they bumped into.

          However, office space adventure stories should be taken with a pinch of salt as new research from Travelodge shows that a quarter of Brits are less than honest when it comes to divulging what they did during their two day break.

          According to the popular hotel chain, many office space workers are just trying to impress their colleagues when they exaggerate the truth slightly.

          A third of those surveyed said that they had lied about heading out on a Saturday night, while just under two in five had been to a fictional dinner party during a weekend break.

          Some 12 per cent have claimed they had gone out for a romantic meal, while ten per cent claimed to have taken a mini break despite staying at home.

          Psychologist Corinne Sweet, who carried out the research, said: “We don’t want to admit that most of our weekend time is spent trying to catch up with housework, paperwork and lost sleep.”

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