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        Office spaces are getting more open

        Office spaces are getting more open

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          The days of tiny office space cubicles are becoming a thing of the past as open, collaborative environments become more popular.

          According to the Baltimore Sun’s HR expert Lorraine Mirabella, office workers demand far less space than they once did thanks to shrinking modern technology – and this new-found space is being used to maximum effect by many forward thinking firms.

          Ms Mirabella said that flat screens, laptops and smartphones mean that people are less tied to their desks and their desk spaces are far less cluttered thanks to the rapid uptake of the (almost) paperless office.

          As a result of these technological advances, hot desking is a common office space practice, she claimed.

          Kelly Ennis, an office space designer at The Verve Partnership, said people still hold onto the hope that they will get a private office space once they rise through the ranks, but told the news provider that this is becoming less common as businesses abandon the traditional office cubicle format.

          Recently, Rob Bamforth, IT analyst at Quocirca, questioned the future of the humble desktop PC now that cloud computing and IT outsourcing was becoming the norm.

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