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        Office workers ‘afraid of answering the phone’

        Office workers ‘afraid of answering the phone’

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          More than a quarter (28 per cent) of UK office workers are too nervous to use the telephone, a new study has revealed.

          According to research conducted by Daisy Group, most common fears of using the phone at work include not knowing who is on the other end, the worry of being caught off guard and the uncertainty of whether they’ll be able to help whoever is calling.

          Some 53 per cent of workers prefer to conduct the majority of their business over email wherever possible, while one in six people choose to ignore all incoming calls on the landline at work.

          Other reasons for avoiding answering the phone include feeling too self-conscious (30 per cent), disliking the possibility of confrontation (21 per cent) and assuming someone is calling to make a complaint (ten per cent).

          Andrew Goldwater, commercial director at the firm, said people are increasingly shying away from human contact in the office, particularly younger workers.

          “We’re starting to see the demise of the business landline and traditional office phone as a result,” he claimed.

          “Today’s younger office workers are far more tech savvy having been exposed to major advancements in mobile and online communications, which has in turn removed the need to use a traditional communications methods such as the desk phone.”

          Mr Goldwater said that as the technology for personal communications has advanced, so too has it for business communications.

          “Web and audio conferencing is one technology that is growing in popularity due to its ability to fuse desk and mobile communications,” he claimed.

          “And who knows, perhaps thanks to such technologies we may start to see human contact making a comeback in the office.”

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