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        Office workers are reminded not to slouch

        Office workers are reminded not to slouch

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          Office workers risk spinal injury by slouching at their desks, a registered osteopath has warned in an attempt to spare them the discomfort.

          Slouching prevents the ligaments in the spine from functioning correcting, Adam Dallison, who invented the PosturePlast, explained.

          It is the job of the ligaments to bind bones together and limit moving, which prevents injury, but when they are stretched it is harder for them to carry out this important role.

          Since ligaments are designed to carry out a maintenance job as opposed to an active job, they have a low energy threshold and this must be respected in order to maintain good posture and back health.

          The ache that comes from slouching is due to the fact that muscles are forced to take over the job of holding the body and they become fatigued from this.

          He said: “Slouching will also stress the discs in the low back, which can then lead to a tear, a herniation, or even worse a prolapse, when the internal fluid seeps out.”

          Office workers should always make sure that their chairs are at the correct height for them to be able to reach the computer comfortably.

          Since so much of our time is spent at work, long term damage can be done if staff are not properly equipped to deal with back problems.

          There are a number of products on the market which can be supplied to any member of staff who has specific problems, which range from foot rests to special chairs.

          The relationship between the computer, chair and floor needs to be right and is different for each individual employee.

          Anyone who is experiencing severe back pain should consult their GP, but painkillers in conjunction with moderate exercise may help to relieve the problem.

          More serious cases may require a course of treatment with a physiotherapist or an osteopath in order to rectify the situation.

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