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        Office workers ‘become anxious with mobile signal’

        Office workers ‘become anxious with mobile signal’

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          Over the last decade or so, the mobile phone has gone from being a nice-to-have luxury to an essential accessory.

          And for an increasing number of office workers, being denied access to their mobile is something they cannot bear thinking about.

          A new study conducted by YouGov for outsourcing company Firstsource Solutions suggests that six out of ten office workers get withdrawal symptoms if they are deprived of a mobile signal for more than an hour.

          Some 60 per cent of workers said they become ‘annoyed or anxious’ if they are unable to use their mobile phone – a worrying sign for employers and individuals alike.

          Just ten per cent of those surveyed in the poll said they were ‘relieved’ when they are unable to make or receive calls, or receive SMS text messages, reports the Huffington Post UK.

          But a quarter of those surveyed said receiving emails outside of work hours makes them stressed – suggesting that some office workers could do with switching off every now and then.

          The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices has led to shifting workplace trends in the UK and internationally, with more people able to work on the move.

          According to IDC, there are already more than one billion mobile workers worldwide, and over the next four years this figure will rise to 1.6 billion.

          Mobile phones and smartphones enable workers to keep in touch with their bosses, colleagues and customers irrespective of location, ensuring they can work productively at all times.

          But knowing how and when to switch off and slip out of work mode is important for employees seeking to keep their energy levels high – and their performance at the required level.

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