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        Office workers ‘care passionately about business success’

        Office workers ‘care passionately about business success’

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          A new report has shown the majority of office workers in the UK care passionately about the success of their business.

          Some 54 per cent of respondents to a poll by Mindjet indicated they want their employer to do well and 49 per cent said they take their role in their company’s success seriously.

          However, the report from the collaborative work management software provider found a lack of motivation, senior direction and inefficient communication could be holding back businesses all over the country.

          Organisations using serviced office space may therefore need to examine where improvements can be made, as this could lead to a brighter future for the firm.

          A third of workers (32 per cent) taking part in the study stated that they think they need to change their everyday working practices in order to be more successful in their role, but a quarter (24 per cent) said they “haven’t got round to it”, while 19 per cent admitted they feel unmotivated to succeed.

          Lack of resources was cited by 24 per cent of the office staff, with 23 per cent naming senior direction as a problem and inefficient communication highlighted by 18 per cent as holding them back.

          Professor Nelson Phillips, chair in strategy and organisational behaviour at Imperial College London, stated motivated and engaged employees lie at the heart of business success.

          “There’s no time when this is more true than in tough economic conditions. Yet, it’s just at this moment that employee motivation and engagement drops as their employers’ lack the resources to support and reward them, while constant cost-cutting and pressure undermines morale and enthusiasm,” he said.

          The Mindjet report comes shortly after research by Skillsoft showed 92 per cent of UK firms do not invest in training and development for employees over the age of 60, which means older office workers might be undervalued by many companies.

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