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        Office workers eager to lose weight, but struggling

        Office workers eager to lose weight, but struggling

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          A number of recent studies have looked at the issue of office worker health – both in terms of dietary habits and the amount of exercise they are taking.

          Fashion store High & Mighty found that 42 per cent of office workers have gained up to a stone in just a single year, by eating too much and undertaking too little physical activity.

          In a recent study conducted by The Co-operative Food, 64 per cent of workers blamed their colleagues for tempting them with sweet treats throughout the working day.

          The firm also found that six in ten office workers feel as if they need to go on a diet to improve their overall health.

          And this finding has been supported by a new study from job bank 360d, which found that the majority are worried about their weight.

          Some 66 per cent of office workers surveyed expressed the view that weight issues play a role in their interpersonal relationships on the job.

          Indeed, 56 per cent said they pay particular attention to the weight and figures of other colleagues.

          Some 70 per cent said they had tried and failed to lose weight, due to eating too often and failing to exercise frequently enough.

          And more than eight in ten admitted they had considered alternative ways of losing weight, such as applying weight loss cream with plastic wraps and sleeping instead of eating.

          Carey Chen, marketing manager of the job bank, said that in order to live healthier lifestyles, office workers need to eat a balanced diet and make more time for physical activity.

          Employers may support this view – conscious of the need to keep employees fit and healthy.

          If office workers have poor health they are more likely to take time off, and also be less productive during the course of the working day.

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