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        Office workers experience an outside sky indoors

        Office workers experience an outside sky indoors

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          Office workers in Germany have experienced an initiative aimed at bringing the feeling of wellbeing associated with being in the great outdoors inside.

          Virtual skies have been installed into offices with the help of 34,560 LEDs, which mimic the conditions of a sky found outside.

          Giving the impression of a blue sky complete with clouds is designed to make office workers feel happier and healthier with a greater sense of wellbeing.

          Special tiles are created measuring 50cm by 50 cm and embedded with 288 LEDs each, but the key factor in the design is a diffuser, which spreads the light and creates the cloudy appearance.

          Red, green, blue and white LEDs are used to create a whole variety of different light combinations, which change constantly, giving a natural impression of being outside.

          These subtle changes help to keep office staff alert as they go about their jobs and with in excess of 16 million colours, the entire light spectrum is represented.

          During the testing phase of development of the ceiling, ten volunteers worked for several days under the innovative new technology.

          It started off with the lighting remaining static for the first day, then with a few fluctuations and eventually rapid fluctuations in light conditions were brought in.

          When it came to the point where the volunteers could choose the level of fluctuation in the lighting, they all decided upon more rapid fluctuation, showing that this was favoured for a more natural feel in the office.

          Currently retailing at €1,000 (£827) per square metre it is hoped that once the product gains in popularity the price will come down.

          In the popular Harry Potter books and films the ceiling of the Great Hall at Hogwarts is bewitched in order to mimic the exact conditions outside, but without any of the ill-effects, such as rain or snow.

          This innovative new ceiling would have a similar effect, but created through LEDs as opposed to a spell!

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