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        Office workers express concerns over IT tools

        Office workers express concerns over IT tools

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          More than half of British office workers believe IT isn’t keeping pace with business needs, it has been reported.

          Research conducted by Hornbill Service Management found that 53 per cent have concerns about their IT department’s inability to keep up with innovation.

          Some are taking drastic steps to resolve this issue – with 40 per cent saying they will use personal devices without getting permission from, or informing, IT staff.

          Office workers believe that using personal devices will allow them to save on average nearly two hours per month through working more effectively and efficiently.

          Over the course of the year, this will contribute to £2 billion worth of work nationwide, Hornbill stated.

          “Technology doesn’t stand still: from social networks to apps to tablets, new devices and ways to use them are flying at the workforce at a breakneck pace,” said Patrick Bolger, chief evangelist at Hornbill.

          “This data shows that if the IT department can’t adapt to these changes and support new devices and ways of working, it won’t only be unable to keep pace with the needs of the business.”

          He warned that the department could become divorced from the needs and expectations of users, meaning they take more and more into their own hands.

          “The IT department needs to ensure it is working with its users, either by supporting their personal devices, or by offering the same capabilities on corporate devices,” Mr Bolger claimed.

          “By doing this it can keep pace with expectations, as well as unlocking previously untapped productivity for the business as a whole.”

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