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        Office workers putting on weight due to snacking

        Office workers putting on weight due to snacking

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          Many office employees enjoy the odd snack at their desks – some occasionally, others on a daily basis – as they bid to keep going through to the end of the working day.

          And while the odd sugar rush can help keep productivity rates high, employees should be wary of letting their appetites get the better of them.

          A new survey suggests that being desk-bound and bored at work is fuelling Britain’s obesity epidemic – as office workers reach for another biscuit, slice of cake or chocolate bar.

          Men’s fashion retailer High and Mighty found that 42 per cent of office workers have gained up to a stone in a year as they feast during the working day.

          Men were found to be the worst culprits, with half of those surveyed claiming to eat regular snacks while they are working.

          Some 30 per cent of male workers said they cannot resist when food is being passed around the office, compared to just 17 per cent of women.

          Boredom was cited as the biggest factor in workers snacking during the office day.

          But cake baking competitions and office birthdays were also cited as being problematic for those attempting to keep their waistline under control.

          Gill Politis, managing director of High and Mighty, said: “You’re going to lose and gain weight throughout your life, it’s unavoidable.

          “But our research seems to show that you’re more likely to gain weight during your office life”.

          She said that camaraderie within the workplace, as well as competition between chefs, is “the perfect storm” that conspires against the diet-conscious.

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