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        Office workers ‘should take a proper lunch hour’

        Office workers ‘should take a proper lunch hour’

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          Office workers should take a proper lunch break instead of eating at their desk.

          This is according to the minister for public health Anna Soubry, who has labelled the habit of having a sandwich over a keyboard as “disgusting”. She thinks there are numerous benefits associated with getting out and about during a lunch hour.

          Ms Soubry encourages staff at her constituency office in Nottingham to set time aside every day for their lunch and thinks all employers should follow suit. This is despite the fact research by Alpro has found that 60 per cent of workers eat their lunch at their desk every day, while ten per cent think it would not be looked upon favourably if they were to go out.

          This means that people working in London office spaces should consider going outside whenever they get a chance, as there are health benefits associated with enjoying some fresh air.

          Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ms Soubry stated it is ironic that UK adults spend so much time watching cookery programmes, but do not seem to be willing to put anything they have learned into practice.

          Azmina Govindji, spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, said in an ideal world, everyone would step away from their desk for an hour a day, but this is not always possible. A mixture of hectic lifestyles and stressful jobs has left many people resorting to snacking at their desk, she added.

          Ms Govindji told the Daily Mail that office workers should still make some sort of effort to pop out for a few minutes every day.

          It comes after Ms Soubry recently claimed that a person’s weight could be a sign of their upbringing, as she thinks those from poorer families are more likely to be obese. She thinks parents have to take more responsibility when it comes to offering their kids healthy meals as they are growing up.

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