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        Office workers ‘spend hours surfing the internet’

        Office workers ‘spend hours surfing the internet’

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          Office workers are wasting significant amounts of working time every day,

           a new study has suggested.

          According to research conducted by K3 Managed Services, 64 per cent of employees spend up to an hour each day surfing the internet for personal use.

          Another 14 per cent waste up to three hours a day, meaning their employer is missing out on vital productivity.

          With this in mind, K3 Managed Services says employers need to establish a fair usage policy to eliminate time wasting and help to promote more productive work.

          The firm highlighted the need for a clear IT usage policy, to help raise awareness of best practice and the ramifications of improper internet usage.

          Jason Price, head of sales at K3 Managed Services, said many business leaders are shocked to find out just how much of their bandwidth and internet data is used up by employees surfing websites for personal use.

          “This poses a dilemma for managers as the internet and many social media websites are now an integral part of business operations,” he stated.

          “As digital channels continue to mature, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to place blanket bans and restrictions on internet access.”

          However, Mr Price said companies with a robust internet usage policy can effectively manage their staff time online, and also ensure they stay on the right side of the law.

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